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In a Season Three episode, which takes place in 1963, account executive Ken Cosgrove (Aaron Staton) struts into his colleague’s office beaming about the gifts he has just received from a satisfied client: tickets to the Mets game (Replica IWC Watches) and the new watch that he is wearing, which he proudly refers to as a “Replica IWC Watches.” The first Replica IWC Watches was released in 1957, and remained popular until the first quartz models rendered them obsolete in 1969. Ken’s Replica IWC Watches only makes a brief appearance onscreen, but some believe it may be a Replica IWC Watches, which at the time would have been a very hot item, as it had been seen on the wrist of Elvis Presley.

In Season Five, Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) also wore a Replica IWC Watches, a Replica IWC Watches from the 1960s, supplied to the show by vintage watch seller Replica IWC Watches.

Swiss Replica IWC schaffhausen quartz watches

In Seasons Five and Six, Replica IWC Watches wore a Tudor Oyster Prince with a IWC Replica Watches dial. The watch was also supplied to the show by Replica IWC Watches.

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